General Art Resources

Art Tools

Adobe Photoshop

It’s photoshop. The professional standard for many artists. Not free, but there are student discounts available at an affordable rate.


Krita is an open source painting program designed by artists. It has highly customizable brushes and a wrapping mode that is very useful for making tiling textures.
Krita Resources


A free alternative to photoshop. Steep learning curve, but feature rich. Protip: turn on single window mode.


Opensource vector art program. Great if you are looking to make assets that can easily be scaled to any resolution without losing quality.


A fully featured pixel art and animation tool. Retro UI design. Excellent for making animated sprites with features such as onion skin and sprite sheet exporting.

Pyxel edit

Another great pixel art and animation tool. Modern UI design. Different feature set than Aseprite. Very handy for making tilemaps and testing level design with tile modes.


One of the industry standards for making high quality 3d assets and animations. Free for 3 years while a student.


Blender is a free 3D modeling program. It has a steep learning curve, but it is a very capable alternative to expensive software. Blender has its own built in game engine, but most people will use another game engine with the assets that were made in blender.
Blender Resources

  • Blender Cheatsheet: Print this off and keep it with you at all times.
  • BlenderArtists forum: There are pleny of things here for new users, but if you try to start an MMORPG thread, they will kill you.
  • Blender Cookie: Run by the same guys as BlenderArtists; more on the modeling/rendering side than game dev
  • Blender Guru: A little easier to understand for the novice, but has some helpful tips; more on the modeling/rendering side than game dev
  • Other Blender Tutorials: Great for people who know the basics, but want to expand into some basic skillsets