Finding Music / Sound effects

  • FreeSound: Free sounds (requires an account).
  • Incompetech: Good, royalty free music, but it tends to be overused.

Creating Music / Sound Effects


Free opensource audio editing software great for recording audio from microphones and tweaking/combining SFX.

FL Studio

An industry standard for creating music. Not free, but fully featured and many tutorials are available online.


A free alternative to FL studio. Many features, but a steep learning curve.

Beep Box

A free web based chiptune making tool. Quick learning curve. Easy to share works in progress as all songs are saved in the URL.


A free tool to create retro SFX for games. Hard to master, but easy to randomly generate usable sounds.


Another free tool to create retro SFX for games. More intuitive UI than BFXR.


Harness the power of artificial intelligence to generate music for you! Not a ton of options, but results are typically pretty decent.

CG Music

A more customizable midi generator. Results can vary in quality. Handy to build a base to import to LMMS that you can then tweak and export.